When a fellow bartender brought the #refusethestraw project to our attention a short while ago, it became our mission to help make a difference.
The war on plastic waste is a real struggle and we feel that it is the responsibility of every human inhabiting this planet to make the effort.  Our contribution to this is to supply eco friendly reusable straws and to bring awareness to the major problems caused by ‘single use plastic’.
Being in the industry, we realized just how many straws are used and disposed of, on a daily basis.

Realising that there needs to be a readily available alternative to the single use plastic straw, Copper Monkey established its Sustainable Straw division, which offers various options of reusable straws.
All our straws are environmentally friendly, toxic free, reusable and ultimately, if you ever do want to dispose of it, recyclable.

SUSTAINABLE STRAWS – Making a difference, one straw at a time!